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Welcome to the Cyber Leaders' Handbook

The Telethon Kids Institute has partnered with leading youth leadership experts to develop a guide to help you as a student cyber leader.

This handbook will assist you with the role of leading the school community in the safe use of technology.

Teachers may also find the School Staff Handbook for Cyber Leaders helpful which provides more information about supporting student cyber leaders. Please download the handbook here.

How to use this handbook

This handbook is divided into modules with videos and downloads to help you in your leadership role.

Start with the modules in "Building leadership" to find out what leadership is and to understand the importance of 'vision' in leadership.

Next look at the "Leadership in action" modules which will show you the steps to make a positive change and successfully lead activities in your school.

"Building your knowledge" will help you learn more about using technology safely and how to help other students do the same.

On each page you will find a "Feedback" link. Please let us know what you liked or suggest how the website can be improved.